• This card always works well in any Side Deck, no matter what the current Metagame is.
    • You can run this card in the main deck to get a round 1 advantage in a Match– if you can predict what style your opponent is playing.

Declaring a key card against an Archetype

No matter what kind of Deck one faces, every playing style has one or two "key cards" that the Deck's strategy hinges upon. Use this card to "ban" that key card, and entire strategies will be slowed down, if not falling apart entirely. Several examples can be found below:

  • Declare "Zoodiac Ratpier" against a Zoodiac Deck to slow down the opponent's momentum. Alternatively, declaring "Zoodiac Drident" will prevent your opponent from using it's effect to pop 1 card per turn.
  • It will also prevent "Elemental HERO Prisma" from being used, as long as "Prisma" was not on the field prior to the activation of "Prohibition".
  • Since "Malefic" and "Earthbound Immortal" monsters require a Field Spell Card to survive on the battlefield, decks making use of these cards are usually reliant on a single card that the deck can Search easily (for example, "Malefic" monsters usually rely on "Malefic World"). If one uses this card to "ban" that Field Spell, it would severely cripple the opponent's deck.
  • Declare "Qliphort Scout" against a "Qli" deck to significantly reduce the deck's consistency to search other "Qli" cards.
  • Declare "Satellarknight Altair" against a "Satellarknight" deck to prevent your opponent from doing a 3-card Xyz as this card is crucial in getting the 3rd monster. Declaring "Deneb" will just make your opponent summon "Unuk" instead.
  • Against an Invoked Deck, declaring "Invocation" or "Aleister the Invoker" will prevent the opponent from fusion summoning any of their Invoked Fusion monsters since the entire archetype revolves around fusion summoning with Aleister as the material.
  • If you are dueling against an opponent whose strategy involves giving you life-points only to reverse it to damage with a card effect, the declaring "Bad Reaction to Simochi" or “Darklord Nurse Reficule” will prevent your opponent from taking advantage of this.
  • Declare "ABC-Dragon Buster" against an ABC deck as the entire deck revolves around summoning the card.
  • Declaring "Necrovalley" against a Gravekeeper Deck will virtually cripple them as the deck is reliant on the field spell to lock the opponent from making plays not to mention it also prevents the activation of other spell and trap cards that needed it to trigger.
  • Declare either "Uni-Zombie" or "Mezuki" against a "Zombie" deck as the type relies entirely on either of the two to make Synchro Summoning plays.
  • Declare "Domain of the True Monarchs" against a "Monarch" deck since the deck is reliant on the Field Spell to not only summon the Mega Monarchs with 1 tribute but also lock the opponent of their Extra deck plays.
  • Declaring "Infernity Archfiend" against an "Infernity" deck would virtually cripple the deck since the archetype completely revolves around it to search for other Infernity cards and extending their plays.
  • Declare "Evil Eye of Selene" against an "Evil Eye" deck as the archetype is reliant on the Equip spell for their more powerful effects.
  • Declaring "SPYRAL Super Agent" against a "SPYRAL" deck will not only prevent the opponent from potentially special summoning the monster from hand but also prevents their key card "SPYRAL Double Helix" from being able to activate it's effects to special summon another SPYRAL monster from their deck.
  • Declare "Lair of Darkness" to prevent your opponent from circumventing the Fiend monsters requirement to tribute cards on their own side of the field.
  • Declaring "Eldlich the Golden Lord" against an "Eldlich" deck will cripple pretty much most of their spells and traps, only enabling them to summon "Golden Land" trap monsters but without being able to trigger their second effects.
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