• Equip this card to any "Morphtronic" monster you control and either use 2 face-up Defence Position "Morphtronic Magnens" or 2 "Morphtronic Boardens" (or even 1 of each) to keep the selected "Morphtronic" on the field. It would also be best to target a "Morphtronic" or a high ATK monster to gain the ATK so it is harder to destroy.
  • This card is well known to use during your opponents turn when they attack one of your face up "Morphtronic".


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Morphtronic StaplenD・ステープランEffect MonsterEARTHMachine414001000
Morphtronic SlingenD・パッチンEffect MonsterWINDMachine41200800
Morphtronic BoomboxenD・ラジカッセンEffect MonsterEARTHMachine41200400
Morphtronic DatatronD・チャッカンEffect MonsterFIREPyro31200600
Morphtronic RadionD・ラジオンEffect MonsterLIGHTThunder41000900
Morphtronic VideonD・ビデオンEffect MonsterLIGHTMachine410001000
Morphtronic MagnenD・マグネンUEffect MonsterEARTHThunder3800800
Morphtronic ScopenD・スコープンEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHTMachine38001400
Morphtronic CameranD・キャメランEffect MonsterLIGHTMachine2800600
Morphtronic ClockenD・クロックンEffect MonsterEARTHMachine26001100
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