• This card is ideal for "Beast Rising", as you can banish it to give its full 2000 ATK to another monster, even if this card lost ATK (by its effect).
  • Summon this card during your opponent's turn using the effect of "Super-Nimble Mega Hamster", then Flip Summon it during your turn to add another copy to your hand so you can Summon it right away and get another +1.
  • This card has excellent synergy with "T.G." Decks.
    • It acts as a Floater, generating Card Advantage when Summoned.
    • It is a valid target for "Horn of the Phantom Beast".
    • It works well with "Skill Drain" for its ATK-reduction effect. However, note that "Skill Drain" will negate its searching effect.
  • "Forbidden Chalice" can easily make this card into a level 3 monster with 2400 ATK.
  • If you special summon "Photon Sabre Tiger", you can activate "Inferno Reckless Summon" to summon the other two since "Photon Sabre Tiger's" effect will make it 1200 ATK when it's summoned.

Traditional Format

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