• This card can be useful in "Frog" Decks, turning cards like "Dupe Frog" and "Ronintoadin" into 2000 ATK beatsticks. If using "Wetlands", be sure to switch their stats before activating the Field Spell as this card switches their current stats (activating this card while "Wetlands" is out will make them have 2000 ATK instead of 3200 ATK).
    • Since this card's effect last until the end of the turn, use two copies of "Dupe Frog" to prevent your opponent from attacking the monster that was targeted with this effect.
  • This card works well with some of the non-Synchro "Karakuri" monsters (that have high DEF), as well as "Black Stego" and "Ganbara Knight". The reason is that all those monsters can change their battle positions when targeted for an attack (since leaving them in Attack Position with low ATK renders them vulnerable).
  • Before using either of this card's effects on one of your monsters, use a card that boosts DEF first, such as "D2 Shield".

Traditional Format

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