• Possibly the best Equip Spell to use on this card is "Dragon Shield".
  • This card's Monster effect can protect your attacking dragons from "Mirror Force" and similar cards.
  • This monster's effect works well in tandem with the first effect of "Queen Dragun Djinn", for protecting Dragon-Type monsters in general.
    • This effect is also useful for providing more protection for "Tyrant Dragon", which is already protected from Trap effects that target.
      • Similarly, it can protect your "Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon" from your own card effects, while also granting it an additional 500 ATK.
  • Using the Nuke effect of "Black Rose Dragon" while you control this Monster will stop it from destroying itself, and leave your opponent vulnerable to a direct attack.
    • Assuming you control more Dragon monsters, this can lead to an OTK.

Traditional Format

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