• Use this in conjunction with "Yubel" or any of its evolutions, so your opponent will have 2 choices - to attack "Yubel" (and thus lose their own life points) or not attack at all.
    • Combo "Battle Mania" with this card to drive the enemy's monster to attack "Yubel", giving them damage as well as protecting another monster you control (Take a note that even "Battle Mania" forces to attack, your enemy still can choose the attack target, but thanks to this card, your enemy can only attack "Yubel", whether they like it or not).
  • You can also use this card with "Giant Axe Mummy" to have the attacking monster destroyed, using the effect of "Giant Axe Mummy".
  • A good combo involves with this card, "Il Blud" and "Domino Effect", allowing you to keep Il Blud on the field and continually reviving "Patrician of Darkness" to clear your opponent's field.
  • Another suggestion is to play this card in a Toon deck. This way, your "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon" and "Toon Gemini Elf" protected from attacks so that they can attack directly next turn.
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