• If your Deck is primarily made up of "Gagaga" or "Gogogo" monsters, include "Dododo Buster", so as to search it with this card and not interfere with your Rank 4 Xyz Monster strategy.
  • Use this card to add "Gagaga Magician" to your hand and use its Level changing effect to easily summon a Rank 3 (with "Zubaba"), Rank 4 (with "Gogogo") or Rank 6 (with "Dododo") monster.
    • Alternatively, you could discard "Gagaga Magician" for the cost, then search "Gagaga Sister", Normal Summon her, which would then allow you to search for "Gagagarevenge", use it to revive "Gagaga Magician", and use the two for an Xyz Summon", powering itself up and any other Xyz Monsters you control, as well as thinning your deck by three cards.
  • If your deck only use "Gagaga", "Gogogo", "Dododo", or "Zubaba" and do not want to waste the second search, a good candidate for second search are:
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