Summoning and utilizing

  • "Cosmic Compass" combined with "Double Summon" can make an excellent combo to Summon "Obelisk", providing that your opponent has at least 2 monsters in play.
    • "Cosmic Compass" can also be used to benefit from the effect of "Obelisk". To destroy all of your opponent's monsters, play this card right and a deadly arsenal of Tributes for the price of one card.
  • A good combo to Summon this card is to use "One for One" in combination with "Destiny HERO - Malicious" and "Evil Thorn". Discard "Malicious" with "One for One" and Special Summon "Evil Thorn". Activate the effect of "Evil Thorn" in order to Summon two more. Then use the effect of "Malicious" to Summon another copy and then Tribute all three to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor".
  • "Machine Duplication" can placed monsters on your field quickly, allowing yourself to Tribute them to Summon this card or activate its effect. This can be combined with "Magnet Circle LV2" or "One for One" to get "Obelisk" out instantly.
  • This card can be easily Summoned in a "Frog" Deck thanks to "Treeborn Frog" and "Ronintoadin". "Frog" Decks also Summon quickly enough to use "Obelisk" even without "Treeborn".
  • Use Photon Veil to get 3 copies of "Watapon" and Special Summon them by the effect of "Watapon", then Tribute them for "Obelisk".
  • With the introduction of Pendulum Summoning, gathering fodder for the Summoning and effect of "Obelisk" is effortless. Once "Obelisk" is in play, Tribute 2 Pendulums for its effect, then Pendulum Summon them right back into play for a swarm of free direct attacks.
  • When used in a deck alongside "ABC-Dragon Buster": Activate the last effect of "ABC-Dragon Buster" during the End Phase of your opponent's turn to send it to the GY and special summon three of your banished LIGHT Machine type Union monsters so you have three tributes o your field to Normal Summon "Obelisk" during your turn.
  • When used in a Cyber Dragon/LIGHT themed deck: Special Summon "Cyber Dragon" via its own effect while your monsters zones are empty, chain the effect of "Cyber Dragon Vier" (in your hand) afterwards to get out a second monster, then bring out "Catche Eve L2" (from your hand) via her own effect so you will have three special summoned monsters on your side which you can tribute for the Normal Summon of "Obelisk".
  • "Obelisk" can be Normal Summoned easily with the Tokens summoned via the Flip Effect of "Scapeghost".
    • After summoning you have two tokens left over should you choose to activate "Obelisk's" effect.
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