• Since this card doesn't use it's materials, it's a perfect target for "Xyz Gift".
    • Make sure to have at least 1 Xyz Material Left, If possible.
  • Use with "Ancient Forest" to essentially trigger this card's effect during your turn - provided you used this card's first effect during your Main Phase 1 - and have free Life Point gain.
  • After activating this card's first effect (if applicable), equip it with "Stoic Challenge". Presuming "Number 101" is attached to this card or in your Graveyard already, this card will simply revive itself after its destruction during your opponent's next End Phase, and until then, will benefit greatly from the other effects of "Stoic Challenge".
    • To maximize this card's Xyz Materials, Xyz Summon "Number C39: Utopia Ray" using "Number 39: Utopia", then activate "Limited Barian's Force" to Xyz Summon this card. Then use this card's first effect (if able) to have a total of 5 Xyz Materials.
    • You can also use this card, "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force", "Stoic Challenge" and its base form to get rid of two monsters (preferably at least one of them is an Xyz monster with Xyz material attached to it) and deal a great amount of battle damage to your opponent at the same time, while ensuring you will have "Silent Honor DARK" next turn. First, use the effect of "Silent Honor ARK" to get rid of a monster (if they have only 1 Xyz Monster, leave it for later. Otherwise, choose whichever monster you like as the target). Then Rank it Up with "Barian's Force", and use the latter's effect to take an opponent's Xyz Material. Now use the effect of "Silent Honor DARK" to get rid of another monster your opponent controls, and then equip it with "Stoic Challenge". Assuming all of this went accordingly, "Silent Honor DARK" would have four Xyz materials, with an ATK boost of 2400, and your opponent would have two less monsters. This would deal a great amount of battle damage if "Silent Honor DARK" battles your opponent's Attack Position monster.
  • This card works well with "Black and White Wave". You can attach an opponent's Synchro Monster to it using its effect, then activate "Black and White Wave" to banish a card your opponent controls.
  • Use "Destruct Potion" to gain double this card's ATK as Life Points, provided it has Xyz Material so as to revive it. "Option Hunter" works as well.
  • An excellent back-up for this card is "Numbers Overlay Boost", since it can be activated during your opponent's turn to give this card two extra Xyz Materials in case your opponent has depleted this card's Xyz Materials and is ready to destroy it. This card gives "Silent Honor DARK" the ability to revive itself one additional time. Make sure you have good hand control to activate this card successfully - "Hunder" monsters with "Beckoning Light" and "Recycling Batteries" are good options for this card.
  • If you run out of materials, Special Summon "Lava Golem" or similar cards to your opponents side of the field, and then attach it via this cards effect.
  • If you can send "Destiny HERO - Departed" from your field to the Graveyard without it being destroyed by battle, you can create an infinite loop with this card and "Departed" as its Xyz Material.
  • "Xyz Slidolphin" works well with this card since it attached itself to this card as an Xyz Material by it’s own effect, making giving even more LP in case your opponent has more monsters with higher ATK than this card.
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