• Special Summon "Hero Kid", then Special Summon two more by its effect, then Overlay them to Xyz Summon this card. You can do this instantly with "Reinforce Truth".
  • This card can easily be Xyz Summoned in a "Ojama" Deck by using "Ojama Red" to Summon two other "Ojamas" from your hand, or by using "Tri-Wight" to Special Summon 3 Normal "Ojamas" from your Graveyard.
    • You can also increase this monster's power with "Ojama Country" while you have a face-up "Ojama" monster, changing its base ATK from 100 → 1000 and allowing you to win battles without its effect.
  • This card can easily be Summoned with "Giant Germ" and "Limit Reverse" or "Graceful Revival". When "Germ" is destroyed by battle, Summon two more. Then, during your turn, revive "Germ" with "Limit Reverse"/"Graceful Revival" and then Overlay all 3 "Germs" to Xyz Summon this card. It might help to add "Magic Cylinder" or "Dimensional Prison" to block other attacks, preventing the other 2 "Germ" from being destroyed.
    • Alternatively, if your opponent is not attacking, use "Shien's Spy" or "Creature Swap" to give control of "Germ" to your opponent, and then attack it with another monster. When "Germ" is destroyed, your opponent will take the battle and effect damage (not you) and then you can Xyz Summon "Dark Mist" during Main Phase 2 using "Limit Reverse"/"Graceful Revival".
      • Another idea is to attack "Germ" with "Nimble Momonga" instead of a monster with 1000 or more ATK, so when "Momonga" attacks "Germ", you can Summon two more copies of "Momonga", gain 1000 Life Points, and have two more buffer monsters on the field in case "Dark Mist" is destroyed.
        • You could also Set "Giant Germ", then when it's destroyed, Summon two more "Giant Germs" by its effect, then use the Spell Card "Dark Eruption" on your next turn to return "Giant Germ" to your hand. Next, Normal Summon "Giant Germ" and then Overlay the three "Germs" and Summon "Dark Mist".
  • This card can easily be Summoned in a "Frog" Deck with "Swap Frog" and "Ronintoadin". Use "Swap Frog" to dump several "Frogs" into the Graveyard so that "Ronintoadin" can be revived, then either Summon another Level 2 monster from your hand or revive a 2nd "Ronintoadin" to get all 3 monsters required.
  • In a Zombie Deck, you can use "Pain Painter's" effect to Xyz Summon this card easily.
    • Or use Plaguespreader Zombie effect to special summon itself than activate Inferno Reckless Summon to summon two more

-Have Imperial Iron Wall on the field to recycle these for continue Xyz summon of Rank 2 monsters or Synchro summon

  • In a WATER Deck with "A Legendary Ocean", you can Summon a Level 3 WATER monster, then Special Summon two "Shark Stickers" from your hand. Then, their Levels decrease by 1, and you can Xyz Summon this card.
  • If you have three Level 4 monsters, you can use "Mischief of the Yokai" to get instant Xyz Material for this card.
    • If you use "Daybreaker", you can do this in one turn.
  • This card works well with "Lava Golem" due to its effect. Once "Lava Golem" is Summoned, you can detach one Xyz Material to steal 1500 ATK from it, giving you a monster with 1600 ATK, and then you can deal 1,100 points of damage.
  • While you have no monsters and your opponent has one Nomi or Semi-Nomi monster, it's a good idea to Special Summon "Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy" with its own effect and then activate an "Inferno Reckless Summon". You get to Summon your "Dark Mist", which will deal with your opponent's monster, without even using your Normal Summon for the turn.
    • Additionally you can use "Caligo Claw Crow" along "Infernal Prodigy" to speed up the summoning of "Number 96".


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Number C96: Dark StormCNo.96 ブラック・ストームXyz Monster
Effect Monster
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