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  • Equip this card with "Heart of Clear Water" to help protect it from Spell and Trap Cards and monster effects that designate a target to destroy.
  • Activate "Soul Absorption" to increase your Life Points with this card effect.
  • Use "Overlay Regen" to apply the effect to remove your opponents cards once again or to Special Summon this card when you used all Xyz Materials.
  • Activate "Xyz Reflect" or "Xyz Veil" to make this card near invincible.
    • You can use "Overlay Regen" giving Heart-eartH Dragon another "Xyz Material" and then activate "Xyz Tribal" to prevent it from being destroyed by card effects that doesn't target.
  • Since its own effect can only revive this card once, try using other means to revive it as often as you can. The best way would be "Xyz Reborn" so that you may use this card's second effect more and further set up a great ATK increase for when you use its third effect.
  • You can use "Feelings Towards the Future" to Special Summon 3 monsters with different Levels from your Graveyard that include one Level 9 monster, then use "Galaxy Queen's Light" or "Star Light, Star Bright" to make all three Level 9 and Xyz Summon this card.
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