• This card can be targeted with your own cards and effects to trigger its destruction effect. "Skill Prisoner" is useful for this, as its effect can be used twice
  • Since this card's Quick Effect is not limited to once per Chain, if "Fiendish Chain" or "Breakthrough Skill" is chained to this card's effect activation, if it still has Xyz Materials left, its effect can be activated again. However, only one card will be destroyed when all Chain Links resolve.
  • Use "Shift" to redirect a Spell/Trap effect to this card, allowing you to trigger its effect.
  • To counter this card, cards like "Space Cyclone", "Overlay Eater", "Storming Mirror Force", "Quaking Mirror Force", and other non-targeting effects can either forcefully remove Xyz Materials or simply get rid of it with ease, as it's effect requires it to be targeted in order to activate, while these cards don't target.
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