• This card can be combined with "Safe Zone" to prevent this card from being targeted by card effects or being destroyed while "Safe Zone" is protected against destruction.
    • Alternatively, an opposing monster could be targeted with "Safe Zone". If this card would be destroyed, "Safe Zone" could be sent to the Graveyard instead to simultaneously destroy that monster.
  • This card can be combined with "Number Wall" and "Imperial Custom" in order to create a lock in which this card's effect is used to protect "Imperial Custom", while it protects "Number Wall", which in turn protects this card.
    • The combo with "Imperial Custom" can also be used in Decks that are centered around Trap Monsters.


  • Level 4 DARK monsters that can be used as Xyz Material:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeATKDEF
Abyss Actor - Curtain Raiser魔界劇団-カーテン・ライザーPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - Leading Lady魔界劇団-プリティ・ヒロインPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie魔界劇団-サッシー・ルーキーPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - Twinkle Littlestar魔界劇団-ティンクル・リトルスターPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - Wild Hope魔界劇団-ワイルド・ホープPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Ahrima, the Wicked Warden悪王アフリマEffect MonsterFiend17000
Aleister the Invoker召喚師アレイスターEffect MonsterSpellcaster10001800
Ally of Justice GaradholgA・O・J ガラドホルグEffect MonsterMachine1600400
Ally of Justice NullfierA・O・J ブラインド・サッカーEffect MonsterMachine16001200
Ally of Justice QuarantineA・O・J D.D.チェッカーEffect MonsterMachine17001200
Ally of Justice Reverse BreakA・O・J リバース・ブレイクEffect MonsterMachine12001200
Ally of Justice Thousand ArmsA・O・J サウザンド・アームズEffect MonsterMachine17000
Aloof Lupine孤高除獣Effect MonsterBeast1700300
Alviss of the Nordic Alfar極星霊アルヴィースEffect MonsterSpellcaster15001000
Ancient Sorcerer古代魔導士Normal MonsterSpellcaster10001300
Ape Fighterファイターズ・エイプEffect MonsterBeast19001200
Aratama荒魂Effect MonsterSpirit monsterFiend8001800
Archfiend Cavalryデーモンの騎兵Effect MonsterFiend19000
Archfiend GeneralジェネラルデーモンEffect MonsterFiend2100800
Archfiend Interceptorインターセプト・デーモンEffect MonsterFiend14001600
Archfiend Soldierデーモン・ソルジャーNormal MonsterFiend19001500
Armageddon Knight終末の騎士Effect MonsterWarrior14001200
Armed Samurai - Ben Kei重装武者-ベン・ケイEffect MonsterWarrior500800
Axe Dragonuteアックス・ドラゴニュートEffect MonsterDragon20001200
BM-4 Blast SpiderBM-4 ボムスパイダーEffect MonsterMachine14002200
Baron of the Fiend Sword邪剣男爵Normal MonsterFiend1550800
Barrier Statue of the Abyss深淵の結界像Effect MonsterFiend10001000
BattlestormブラッドストームEffect MonsterWinged Beast17001000
BeetronカブトロンEffect MonsterInsect1600900
Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World暗黒界の尖兵 ベージEffect MonsterFiend16001300
Bicorn Re'em二角獣レームEffect MonsterBeast8001600
Big Eye大王目玉Effect MonsterFlip monsterFiend12001000
The Bistro Butcher悪魔の調理師Effect MonsterFiend18001000
Black Dragon Collapserpent暗黒竜 コラプサーペントEffect MonsterDragon18001700
Black Fang Magician黒牙の魔術師Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Blackland Fire Dragon暗黒の竜王Normal MonsterDragon1500800
Blackwing - Auster the South WindBF-南風のアウステルEffect MonsterTuner monsterWinged Beast13000
Blackwing - Bora the SpearBF-黒槍のブラストEffect MonsterWinged Beast1700800
Blackwing - Calima the HazeBF-陽炎のカームEffect MonsterWinged Beast6001800
Blackwing - Decay the Ill WindBF-弔風のデスEffect MonsterTuner monsterWinged Beast10001000
Blackwing - Kochi the DaybreakBF-東雲のコチEffect MonsterTuner monsterWinged Beast7001500
Blackwing - Kris the Crack of DawnBF-残夜のクリスEffect MonsterWinged Beast1900300
Blackwing - Shura the Blue FlameBF-蒼炎のシュラEffect MonsterWinged Beast18001200
Blackwing - Tornado the Reverse WindBF-逆巻のトルネードEffect MonsterWinged Beast10001200
Blackwing - Zephyros the EliteBF-精鋭のゼピュロスEffect MonsterWinged Beast16001000
Blast Sphereスフィア・ボム 球体時限爆弾Effect MonsterMachine14001400
BlockerブロッカーNormal MonsterMachine8501800
Blood Suckerブラッド・サッカーEffect MonsterZombie13001500
Blue Mountain Butterspy幻蝶の刺客オオルリEffect MonsterWarrior01700
Blue Rose Dragonブルーローズ・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDragon16001200
... further results (380 more)
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