• It is important to note that this card's destruction effect is mandatory, so if the opponent controls no face-up cards, this card's controller will be forced to destroy 1 of their own.
  • If Special Summoned by the effect of "Noble Knight Medraut", it is possible to form a combo with this card, but only if "Medraut" is equipped with a "Noble Arms" Equip Card that can re-equip itself after being destroyed. In that case, that "Noble Arms" Equip Card should be re-equipped to this card, so that this card's second effect can be triggered to destroy an opponent's face-up card.
    • Afterwards, this card can serve to protect "Medraut" from attacks and targeting card effects. In the event this card leaves the field or is flipped face-down, the "Noble Arms" card(s) equipped to this card can be re-equipped to "Medraut" for protection, possibly allowing for that monster's effect to later be used.
  • This card's first effect can be used to protect "Noble Knight" monsters that have had their ATK values decreased by the effect of "Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr".
    • This card's first effect can also form a combo with the effect of "Arfeudutyr". If that Equip Card's first effect is used, monster effects such as those of "Noble Knight Gwalchavad", "Noble Knight Bedwyr", or "Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn" can be used to force "Arfeudutyr" to re-equip to this card, triggering this card's effect to destroy an opponent's card. Because "Arfeudutyr" temporarily left the field, its effect can be used again that turn, allowing up to a total of 3 of the opponent's cards to be destroyed in a single turn.
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