• Duelists that are considering using a Neos theme deck in a Tournament are advised to use this card because it can mimic the "Judgment Dragons", "Dark Armed Dragons" and any hard-to-summoning monster(s) you are likely to see.
  • Use this card in mirror match to substitute any card you haven't drawn. (e.g. copy opponent's on-field Gladiator Beast monster to contact fusion)
  • This card is perfect to use against "The Wicked Avatar" because it copies its effect, meaning it will have the same ATK as "The Wicked Avatar".
  • This card can take the name and copy the effect of "Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn" and target itself with the stolen effect, allowing for a minimum 2000 ATK boost.
  • This card can work well against "Stardust Dragon" and its "/Assault Mode" - Simply copy "Stardust Dragon", and activate a card that can destroy "Stardust Dragon". If the opponent tributes their "Stardust Dragon" to negate, tribute this card to negate the effect of their "Stardust Dragon".

Traditional Format

  • Tribute "Rescue Cat" on your side of the field to bring two copies of this card onto the field.
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