• "Herald of the Arc Light" can be send in order to Ritual Summon "Nekroz of Unicore", which will trigger the second effect of "Arc Light" and search for more resources. The effect of "Outer Entity Nyarla" can also then be used to attach "Arc Light" to it as an Xyz Material, and then detach it later to make use of the search effect again. This can be repeated to thin the Deck and allow for more Ritual Summons. Note that the search effect will still be applied even if "Nyarla" leaves the field while "Arc Light" is attached to it.
  • If 2 or more "Nekroz" Ritual Monsters are Ritual Summoned with this card's effect, the following combinations are possible based on the Level of the Tribute used. (There are technically more possibilities, but would require using cards to exceed Level 12):
    • Level 6:
      • 2 copies of "Nekroz of Clausolas".
    • Level 7:
      • "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Unicore".
    • Level 8:
    • Level 9:
      • 3 copies of "Nekroz of Clausolas";
      • "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Brionac";
      • "Nekroz of Unicore" and "Nekroz of Catastor".
    • Level 10:
      • 2 copies of "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Unicore";
      • "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Gungnir";
      • "Nekroz of Unicore" and "Nekroz of Brionac";
      • 2 copies of "Nekroz of Catastor".
    • Level 11:
      • "Nekroz of Clausolas" and 2 copies of "Nekroz of Unicore";
      • 2 copies of "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Catastor";
      • "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Valkyrus";
      • "Nekroz of Unicore" and "Nekroz of Gungnir";
      • "Nekroz of Catastor" and "Nekroz of Brionac".
    • Level 12:
      • "Nekroz of Clausolas", "Nekroz of Unicore" and "Nekroz of Catastor";
      • 2 copies of "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Brionac";
      • "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Trishula";
      • 3 copies of "Nekroz of Unicore";
      • "Nekroz of Unicore" and "Nekroz of Valkyrus";
      • "Nekroz of Catastor" and "Nekroz of Gungnir";
      • 2 copies of "Nekroz of Brionac".
        • "Shooting Quasar Dragon" can be send from your Extra Deck to your Graveyard with the effect of this card in order to Ritual Summon 2 copies of "Nekroz of Brionac", and then overlay them to Xyz Summon "Inzektor Exa-Beetle". Use the effect of "Exa-Beetle" to equip "Shooting Quasar Dragon" from the Graveyard to itself. If "Shooting Quasar Dragon" leaves the field (for example, by the effect of "Exa-Beetle" itself), a "Shooting Star Dragon" can be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck.


 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Nekroz of Brionacブリューナクの影霊衣WATERWarrior623001400
Nekroz of Catastorカタストルの影霊衣WATERDragon522001200
Nekroz of Clausolasクラウソラスの影霊衣WATERWarrior312002300
Nekroz of Decisive Armorディサイシブの影霊衣WATERDragon1033002300
Nekroz of Gungnirグングニールの影霊衣WATERSpellcaster725001700
Nekroz of Sophiasophiaの影霊衣LIGHTSpellcaster1136003400
Nekroz of Trishulaトリシューラの影霊衣WATERWarrior927002000
Nekroz of Unicoreユニコールの影霊衣WATERSpellcaster423001000
Nekroz of Valkyrusヴァルキュルスの影霊衣WATERSpellcaster829001700

 Japanese nameProperty
Nekroz Cycle影霊衣の反魂術Ritual Spell Card
Nekroz Kaleidoscope影霊衣の万華鏡Ritual Spell Card
Nekroz Mirror影霊衣の降魔鏡Ritual Spell Card

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