• Combo this card with "Scraps" while you have "Scrap Factory" on the field so you can trigger Factory's eff.
  • Use 2 copies of this card, one on the field and one in the Graveyard to mitigate this card's side-effect and ensure that you have a copy to Special Summon by its effect.
  • You can loop this card with "Manticore of Darkness", sending this card from your hand or field to summon it, then destroying it to summon this card again. Use this to fuel the effect of "Backfire" to inflict an unending cycle of damage on your opponent for an OTK.
  • Destroy "Inari Fire" with this card's effect to revive itself during your opponent's End Phase, then use the effect of "Inari Fire" during your next Standby Phase to revive it.
    • Additionally, both monsters share an effect where they can be Special Summoned from your hand while you control a Spellcaster-type monster.
  • Destroy "Fire King High Avatar Garunix" during your opponents end phase, any monsters they have on the field will be destroyed on your turn, allowing you to attack directly. Allow Garunix to destroy "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys", and the following turn the combo will destroy all cards on the field.
  • Using its effect in the graveyard while "Fencing Fire Ferret" is on the field can cause you to special summon this monster while also destroying one of your opponents monsters and dealing 500 damage in the process.

Traditional Format

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