• This card works extremely well in a "Yang Zing" deck. It will both activate all of your monsters' effects to give you advantage AND clear the field of all of your opponent's monsters at the same time.
  • You can use "Scapegoat" during your opponent turn and then activate this card, even if your opponent had less than 4 monsters, you'll destroy all of them. If you wait your opponent perform his normal summon, his field must be empty for your turn.
  • Nimble Momonga can summon two copies of itself face-down. If there are just two more monsters on the field, you can destroy the face-up monsters while leaving Momongas on the field.
  • This card is excellent to use to counter "Ultimate Offering" by destroying everything your opponent summoned.
  • This card combos well with "Book of Eclipse". Activate "Book" when the total number of monsters on the field equals 4, then when your opponent flips their monsters face-up, activate "Ceiling".
  • You can use this card to destroy your own Crystal Beasts, to use any card that can benefit from their Continuous Spell-form.
  • You can use this card with Magical Hats, as three cards will already be on the field, and your selected monster will not be destroyed.
  • Use with Light of Intervention to maximize the amount of monsters you can destroy with this card's effect.
  • Chain with your own Book of Moon(s) to prevent your monster(s) from getting destroyed.
  • Similar to Dark Hole, use this card when controlling a number of Trap Monsters (with Imperial Custom on the field) in order to wipe out the opponent's monsters but leave your own untouched.
  • This card would work very well in a "Ghostrick" Deck because the non-Xyz Monsters can flip themselves face-down.
  • This card work well with the Subterror archetype as Subterror Behemoths can flip themselves face-down. Also, if you have Nemesis Archer on the field her effect will trigger letting you summon any Subterror Monster from your deck.
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