• Special Summon "Gilasaurus" while this card is on the field. "Gilasaurus" will still be Summoned with its effect, but your opponent will not get to Special Summon a monster from their Graveyard.
  • This is useful against "Dark Armed Dragon", as players are prevented from banishing any cards in any Graveyard.
  • Use this card against "Chaos Dragon" Decks (and other similar Graveyard-based Decks) in order to slow them down, and reduce the amount of monsters your opponent can play at any given time.
  • This card works well against "Gem-Knight" Decks, as this will prevent them from banishing their own monsters to retrieve "Gem-Knight Fusion".
  • Be sure to have "Gravekeeper's Chief" out when this card is on the field as "Chief" prevents your Graveyard from being affected by "Necrovalley", making "Monster Reborn" and the effect of "Dark Armed Dragon" usable.
    • Nevertheless, it is risky to put these Graveyard-interacting cards in your "Gravekeeper's" Deck because without "Chief" on the field they are complete dead draws.
    • However, keep in mind that because "Chief" unlock access to your Graveyard, your opponent can also exploit it for activating their "D.D. Crow" or "Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer", so be very careful.
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