• Using this card as discard fodder is a good idea, alternatively using "Foolish Burial" can get it to the Graveyard quick.
  • Special Summon 3 of this card with "The Agent of Creation - Venus", then use them as Synchro Summon Material, or as Xyz Material.
    • Use the above combo, then you can bring back this card later in the game with "Junk Synchron" and "Debris Dragon" to make even more Synchro Summons.
    • Or let them stay on the field, and use "Photon Booster", targeting "Shine Ball", allowing you to have a combined total of 7600 ATK (2000 x 3 from all the "Shine Balls", and 1600 from Venus). By adding 400 more ATK via Equip Spells or Field Spell, or use a Burn card that inflicts at least 400 damage, this turns into an OTK.

Traditional Format

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