• After placing a "Sylvan" monster on the top of the Deck, you can Summon a "Sylvan" monster to excavate and trigger its effect.
    • Excavate it using the effect of "Sylvan Hermitree" to draw and replace the discard cost.
    • If you place "Sylvan Guardioak", after excavating it, you will be able to return a "Sylvan" monster from the Graveyard and reuse its effect at the opponent's End Phase.
  • Send "Flowerbot" to the Graveyard as a cost to activate this card's effect. After you stack the "Sylvan" card of your choice on top of your Deck, the effect of "Flowerbot" will activate, making you draw that card.
    • Use this combo as an opportunity to draw the "Sylvan" card of your choice from your Deck when you use this card's effect, and/or stack a certain card from your hand on top of your Deck.
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