• Due to its unique effect of switching into Defense Mode after it attacks, "Submarineroid" would be a good card to combine with "Morphtronic Map". Keep it safe from attacks, and you have both offensive Life Points attacking and the gaining of Morph Counters.
  • Have a face-up "Final Attack Orders" with any of the above cards to change the Battle Position of all monsters on the field twice in one shot (once for a card like "No Entry!!" and again when "Final Attack Orders" forces all monsters back into Attack Position).
  • By using "Magical Hats" and selecting 2 "Morphtronic Map", the player can Special Summon 2 "Morphtronic" monsters from their Graveyard.
    • "Set Rotation" can also be used to Set "Morphtronic Map" to the opponent's side of the field, from where it can be destroyed without decreasing its owner's card advantage.
  • The effect of "Ancient Fairy Dragon" can be used to destroy the controller's "Morphtronic Map", allowing them to gain 1000 Life Points and Special Summon a "Morphtronic" monster. However, if the player was to add a Field Spell Card to their hand by the effect of "Ancient Fairy Dragon", they would not be able to Summon the "Morphtronic" as they would have missing the timing.
  • Use multiple "Labyrinth of Nightmare" to generate Morph Counters every turn, a potential 3 counters per turn (at maximum).
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