• This card can be special summoned from the hand by "Magnet Circle LV2"
  • Use this card's Defense Position ability view the top of your deck and see if the desired Morphtronic is close to the top, then switch this card to Attack Position and use its ability to get out the desired card immediately.
  • You can use either its Attack or Defense Position effect to look ahead a few cards, Special Summon a Morphtronic Monster (if using Attack Position effect) then tribute it for the effect of "Monster Gate", allowing you to get another monster.
  • This card is an ideal target for "One for One" seeing as how it can provide an even more valuable monster easily from the deck.
  • If you begin your turn with this card in defense position, use its defense effect first to find out if using its attack mode effect is worth it, before placing Celfon in a vulnerable position.
  • If your deck features Morphtronic tuners or "Morphtronic Datatron" and "Celfon's" effect summons one of them, you can use "Enemy Controller" to use your opponent's monster for a tribute or Synchro Summon.
  • You can equip this monster with "Spirit Burner" to use both of its effects each turn and avoid the risk of taking great damage by leaving it in attack position.
  • Use this card with "Morphtronic Lantron" to synchro summon into "Formula Synchron" and draw a card. This combo can be added with using "De-Synchro" on "Formula Synchron" to special summon back "Celfon" and "Lantron", allowing you to use "Celfon's" effect again to possibly special summon another Morphtonic from the deck then Synchro back into "Formula Synchron" drawing another card.

Traditional Format

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