• Use this card in conjunction with "Dark Designator" once the opponent's Deck's theme is known to take out their powerhouses.
  • If used in a "Dark World" Deck or "Fabled", even if the guess is incorrect, the player can benefit from the effect of a discarded "Dark World" monster. Use this strategy with caution, as the alternate effect of "Mind Crush" requires its controller to discard a random card from their hand.
  • This card works well against "Gadget" Decks.
  • Chain this card into an activation of "Ritual Spell Card". It will possible spoil it.
  • This card works exceptionally well against Ritual Decks as many of their cards search their Deck for specific cards, sometimes in multiple amounts. If the opponent is playing a Deck revolving around "Herald of Perfection", chain this card to their Ritual Spell declaring "Herald of Perfection". Since they now have to discard ALL copies of "Herald of Perfection" in their hand, their Ritual Spell resolves with no effect and is sent to the Graveyard.
  • This card works very well in countering cards like "Black Whirlwind" and "Gateway of the Six" since the opponent will declare whatever he/she adds to his/her hand.
  • This card works against Decks with "Koa'ki Meiru" cards, because the opponent reveals 1 card in the End Phase or by activating a card like "Automatic Laser".
  • This card works well against Exodia Decks. Since the parts of Exodia are Limited, forcing the opponent to discard them will wreck their strategy as long as the discarded card is prevented from returning to the hand.
  • This card is very useful against Cyber Dragon decks. As soon as your opponent shows a spell card to treat Cyber Dragon Zwei as Cyber Dragon to fusion summon, you could active Mind Crush and destroy all Cyber Dragons in their hand.
  • Use this card after using "Battle Break". If the opponent negates "Battle Break" by revealing a Monster card, you can use "Mind Crush" to get rid of that Monster in their hand.
  • Use in conjunction with "Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin". After "Aqua Dolphin" has allowed you to peek at your opponent's hand, possibly removing one Monster, follow up with "Mind Crush" to destroy another card from their hand.
  • Use this after using "The Forceful Checkpoint", as even if you couldn't negate an attack with "The Forceful Checkpoint", you still got to see your opponent's hand, making this card a nice follow-up to further destroy their hand.
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