• You can equip "Mist Body" to this card to make it indestructible.
  • Summon this card and activate "Torrential Tribute"; that way you will clean the field and attack directly.
    • You can also chain "Mask Change" to the activation of your opponent's "Torrential Tribute", thus using a monster that would have been destroyed anyway.


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Elemental HERO Absolute ZeroE・HERO アブソルートZeroFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Aqua NeosE・HERO アクア・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO BubblemanE・HERO バブルマンEffect MonsterWarrior48001200
Elemental HERO Ice EdgeE・HERO アイスエッジEffect MonsterWarrior3800900
Elemental HERO Liquid SoldierE・HERO リキッドマンEffect MonsterWarrior414001300
Elemental HERO Marine NeosE・HERO マリン・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO MarinerE・HERO セイラーマンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Neo BubblemanE・HERO バブルマン・ネオEffect MonsterWarrior48001200
Elemental HERO OceanE・HERO オーシャンEffect MonsterWarrior415001200
Elemental HERO Steam HealerE・HERO スチーム・ヒーラーFusion Monster
Effect Monster
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