• This card can be useful as a wall in many types of Decks, with the added Burn as a bonus.
  • To further prevent any piercing attacks, use "Spirit Barrier" or "The Sanctuary in the Sky".
    • Equipping "Vylon Stella" to this card can give it the ability to destroy the opponent's monsters and with the effect of "Sanctuary in the Sky", you will not take any battle damage from your attacks.
  • To return this card from the field to the hand and you will be able to reuse it's effect or Special Summon this card face-down with "The Shallow Grave" for the same result. And if the opponent was able to Special Summon any face-down monster also - use either "Shield Crush" or "Nobleman of Crossout" to get rid of that monster, which will also nullify the opponent's advantage.
  • This card also works well in Stall/Burn Decks, due to its 1000 damage effect and its effect to not being able to be destroyed by battle.
  • This card works well in Zombie-Type Decks when used with "Patrician of Darkness", as any attacks directed at "Patrician of Darkness" can be changed to target this card.

Traditional Format

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