• "Megamorph" can come to be an extremely powerful addition if "Maha Valio" is positioned in such a manner to where its ATK can potentially OTK if played right. See card tips for details on how one can properly get "Megamorph" in their field.
  • If your opponent uses an Equip Card with their monster which increases its ATK, and then attacks this card, "Tailor of the Fickle" can be used to switch the target of the Equip Card, thus increasing the ATK of this card instead, making it likely that this card will win the battle.
  • This card has the potential to run well in most Decks that use multiple Equip Cards such as "Axe of Despair" or "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal".
  • Activate "A Legendary Ocean". Equip this card with "Scroll of Bewitchment", making it a Level 3 WATER monster and giving it 700 more ATK. Equip it with "Demotion" to make it a Level 1 monster and give it 500 more ATK. Finally, equip it with "Opti-Camouflage Armor" to allow it to attack directly with an ATK boost of 1700 points. Use this tactic in combination with other Equip Spell Cards to make its attack power even higher ("Mage Power" will already give it a 3000-point boost here).
  • Use "Ribbon of Rebirth" or "Bound Wand" on this card. This way, when it is destroyed, it can be Special Summoned during the End Phase.
  • Use this card in combination of "Wonder Wand" to make it a 2550 ATK beat-stick, then during your Main Phase 2, they can be send to the Graveyard and draw two cards.

Traditional Format

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