• After this card is Flip Summoned, Set "Magical Hats". When your opponent attempts to attack this card, activate "Magical Hats", flipping it face-down, and allowing yourself to place 2 Spell (or Trap) Cards from your Deck to the field, which will go to the Graveyard, so that this card can get them when it is flipped face-up again.
  • If your opponent is using this card in a non-Spellcaster Deck, "Magician's Circle" can force her out and waste her effect.
  • This card can create a slow loop of sorts, using her effect to bring back "The Shallow Grave" which, next turn, can bring back this card which can bring back "The Shallow Grave" again. This essentially makes sure the player always has at least one defensive monster ready on their opponent's turn. However, note that the loop can be easily broken by an effect that sends this card to the Graveyard without flipping it.
  • When this card is attacked, activate "Waboku", or other attack negating cards that protect her from destruction, yet still enable her to be flipped face-up to activate her effect. On your next turn, flip her back down to reuse her effect again later, possibly repeating the pattern over again next turn.

Traditional Format

  • This card can create a slow but continuous Draw Engine by recycling "Pot of Avarice" (which can recycle this card which can recycle "Pot of Avarice" again).
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