• This card does not necessarily have to win a battle to use its effect. This can be further taken advantage of by using "Heart of Clear Water" (without her effect of gaining 800 ATK), "Mist Body" or "Safe Zone" to stop this card from being destroyed by battle.
  • Tributing a "Madolche" for the Summon of this monster can work to your advantage if there is a "Madolche Lesson" ready to be used; your Graveyard can quickly be emptied, get the Tributed monster back into the Deck, and boost this card up to 2600 ATK quickly. If "Madolche Chateau" is used as well, her ATK increases further, to 3100 at maximum.
  • "Battle Fader" and "Genex Ally Birdman" make ideal Tribute fodder for this card, since they banish themselves after leaving the field, though "Birdman" sees better use as a Tuner.
  • "Madolche Ticket" will allow yourself to Summon this monster from your Deck, if there is a Fairy-Type "Madolche" monster on your field.
  • Use cards like "Revival Gift" or "Ojama Trio" to put easily destroyed Tokens onto your opponent's field if they have a powerful monster on the field that this card can't afford to attacks, or a troublesome Spell/Trap, but no monsters in play.
  • Using "Necro Defender" or "Waboku" can allow this card to attack a stronger monster, destroy a card they control, negate battle damage, and prevent this card's destruction by battle. "Defender" will also protect her until the end of your opponent's turn once used.
  • This card's second effect is easier to use if all monsters in your Deck are "Madolche" monsters (due to their effects that prevent them from being sent to the Graveyard; making your Graveyard empty of any monsters).

Traditional Format

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