• Use this card to Special Summon "Madolche Cruffssant"and then either: Using "Cruffssant's" effect return this card to your hand; or use the two of them to "Xyz Summon" a Rank 3 Monster.

Use this card to Special Summon "Madolche Hootcake". Then, use "Madolche Hootcake's" ability to special summon "Madolche Messengelato" from the deck. Use "Madolche Messengelato's" effect to add "Madolche Ticket" to your hand. "Xyz Summon" using both level 3 monsters for "M-X-Saber Invoker". Use his effect to special summon a level 4 Madolche monster from your deck. "Xyz Summon" for "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu". Activate "Madolche Ticket". Use "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu's" effect to return two of your opponent's cards to the deck. Her effect also triggers "Madolche Ticket" which allows you to special summon any Madolche monster from your deck. All this for the cost of two cards from your hand and one from your graveyard.

  • Alternatively, you can Special Summon "Madolche Anjelly" instead, then Tribute it for "Madolche Hootcake" to add a target to your Graveyard. You can then Summon "Leviair" to Special Summon her; same result, without the hassle of getting a monster in the graveyard.

Or alternately, you can set up a very good field with only a 3 card combo of "Madolche Mewfeuille", "Madolche Hootcake" and "Instant Fusion". Normal Summon this card to Special Summon "Madolche Hootcake", then use "Instant Fusion" to Special Summon "Fusionist" from your Extra Deck. Overlay "Madolche Mewfeuille" and "Fusionist" for "M-X-Saber Invoker". Activate "M-X-Saber Invoker's" effect, detach "Fusionist" to Special Summon "Madolche Messengelato", activate it's effect, and add "Madolche Chateau" to your hand from your deck. Then activate the effect of "Madolche Hootcake" effect to Special Summon another "Madolche Messengelato", by banishing "Fusionist" from your Graveyard, activate it's summoning effect then add "Madolche Ticket" or another "Madolche Chateau" from your deck to your hand. Then you can Overlay the 2 "Madolche Messengelato" to Special Summon a "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu". If you added another "Madolche Chateau" you can activate it again so that you already have a target for the effect of "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu" in your Graveyard, and shuffle your opponent's cards into their deck.

Traditional Format

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