• Since this card can search itself and shuffles itself back into the Deck when destroyed, this card can be Normal Summoned every turn and maintain hand presence.
  • After Summoning all your copies of "Magileine" by searching each other, search with the last one for "Madolche Butlerusk" and get "Madolche Chateau" (but do not activate it). Now Xyz Summon without worrying that your Graveyard gets full of "Madolches", since "Chateau" is on your field to return them to the Deck.

Traditional Format

  • With "Ultimate Offering", two Level 4 monsters can quickly be gained to Xyz Summon "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu".
    • There is even an OTK that can be performed with this card and "Ultimate Offering", though it costs a total of 4000 Life Points and requires that your opponent controls at least 2 cards: Use "Ultimate Offering" and this card's effect to Normal Summon 3 of this card in sequence, but for the 3rd's effect, add "Madolche Butlerusk" to your hand. Normal Summon "Butlerusk" and use its effect to search and activate "Madolche Chateau". Then, Xyz summon "Fairy King Albverdich" and "Tiaramisu"; activate the effect of "Albverdich", then the effect of "Tiaramisu", making sure to detach "Magileine" both times, and use "Tiaramisu" with "Chateau" to return two of your opponent's cards and return both detached "Magileine" to your hand. Summon one "Magileine" and use it to search and Summon "Madolche Cruffssant"; use "Cruffssant" to bounce "Magileine" to increase its Level to 4. Normal Summon both "Magileine" again, searching "Madolche Mille-feuille" and "Madolche Messengelato", and overlay "Cruffssant" with both "Magileine" for any Xyz Monster that uses 3 Material, preferably "Number 16: Shock Master" if your opponent has potential ways to hinder your plan. Lastly, Normal Summon "Madolche Mewfeuille", Special Summon "Messengelato", and search out "Madolche Ticket" for extra insurance. This combo results in a total of 9900 attack power under your control and can potentially clear the way for an OTK because of the use of "Tiaramisu" and "Shock Master".
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