• Use this card with archetypes whose cards benefit from being destroyed by card effects like "Fire King", "Kozmo" or "Yubel".
  • In Decks that rely on inflicting Burn damage, like "Trickstars" and "Red-Eyes", the amount of damage this card inflicts to the player will pale in comparison to the opponent's rapid loss of LP.
  • "Playful Possum" can destroy itself during your turn to trigger this card's effect, providing that your opponent control monster with higher attack than it.
  • You can play this card in a "True Draco" Deck, as it can be used as tribute fodder for the monsters of the archetype, and it synergizes with the GY effects of the other Trap Cards in the archetype, and with the effect of its boss monster "Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King".