• Special Summon a "Grinder Golem" to your opponent's side of the field, use the tokens to Synchro Summon this card, and then take control of the "Grinder Golem".
  • Goes great in a Crashbug Deck as they can swarm the field and then with a Genex Level 3 Tuner you can summon this card easy.
  • If you have a face-up "Caius the Shadow Monarch" and a "Treeborn Frog" in your Graveyard, you can easily Summon this card using "Genex Ally Birdman". Special Summon "Treeborn Frog" in your Standby Phase. Use the effect of "Birdman" to bounce "Caius" back to your hand and Special Summon it, then tribute "Treeborn" to Summon "Caius" and remove a card (which can be your opponent's set Spell/Trap). Then, tune them together to Summon this card.
  • A good way to Synchro Summon this Monster is if you Summon "Armageddon Knight". Use his effect to send "Destiny HERO - Malicious" to your Graveyard and Special Summon "Genex Ally Birdman" from your hand, returning "Armageddon Knight". "Malicious" can then be activated to Special Summon a second copy from your Deck. Tune the "Malicious" and "Birdman" to Summon this card.
  • Use "Genex Ally Birdman", "Chaos Sorcerer" and "Locomotion R-Genex" to clear your opponent's field. Summon "Chaos Sorcerer", use its effect, return it to your hand to Summon "Genex Ally Birdman", Summon "Chaos Sorcerer", reuse its effect, and tune them.
  • "Tragoedia" makes this card easy to Summon, as it can be easily Special Summoned and it can copy the level of a monster in your Graveyard. Copy a Level 6 monster (like a "Monarch"), then Summon "Genex Controller" and Synchro Summon this card.
  • This card can be easily Synchro Summmoned by using two T.G. Warwolf and Genex Ally Birdman, Normal Summon Warwolf, then Special Summon Birdman by its own effect, Special Summon the first Warwolf by its own effect, and then Special Summon the second T.G. from your hand, then Synchro Summon for Locomotion R-Genex.


 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Genex Ally BirdmanA・ジェネクス・バードマンEffect MonsterDARKMachine31400400
Genex Ally ChemistrerA・ジェネクス・ケミストリEffect MonsterDARKMachine2200500
Genex Ally RemoteA・ジェネクス・リモートEffect MonsterDARKMachine35001800
Genex Controllerジェネクス・コントローラーNormal MonsterDARKMachine314001200
Genex Recycledリサイクル・ジェネクスEffect MonsterDARKMachine1200400
Genex Spareスペア・ジェネクスEffect MonsterDARKMachine38001200
R-Genex Oracleレアル・ジェネクス・オラクルEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster1300300
R-Genex Overseerレアル・ジェネクス・コーディネイターEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster2200100
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