• "Level Eater's" Level reduction and Special Summoning effect makes it an ideal candidate in a "Shooting Quasar Dragon" Deck, which relies heavily on Summoning Level 5+ Synchro monsters in order to Summon "Quasar".
  • This card can be Tributed for high Level Spirit monsters like "Yamata Dragon", and then Summoned from the Graveyard to be Tributed again next turn.
    • If you currently have "Ultimate Offering" on the field, and you Summon "Dark Dust Spirit", you can Summon 2 of these to the field as Tribute fodder for "Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi", "Yamata Dragon", and other high-Level Spirit monsters you may have in your hand. You may repeat this the next turn for a game-ending move, just make sure you Summon your "Level Eaters" back to the field before your End Phase.
  • Use this card with "Level Tuning" to adjust your monsters' Levels to Synchro Summon easier, or work around cards like "Gravity Bind".
  • Use monsters of Level 5 or higher that can flip themselves face-down such as "Guardian Sphinx" and "Sauropod Brachion" to keep pulling this card out each turn.
  • If you control a "Greed Quasar", then you may be able to Summon this card endlessly, assuming your opponent has monsters for you to destroy.
  • This card can increase the number of card(s) destroyed by the effect of "Junk Destroyer" or increase the ATK of "Junk Warrior" by 600 per copy.
  • Combine this card with two or three "Fortune Ladies" cards to have infinite Special Summons once they get over Level 5 by their effects.
  • (Note:This tip only works for the video games) This card can help very much in getting out Dark Synchros. Have this card in the Graveyard, while having a Level 6-9 Dark Tuner out on the field. Use this card's effect to reduce the Level of the Dark Tuner on your field by 1 and Summon this to the field. Tune this card with the Dark Tuner to Summon a Dark Synhcro monster.
  • This card combos well with the high level monster "Tragoedia", who can be easily summoned from the hand.
  • In a "Flower Cardian" deck, you can easily send this card to the Graveyard via drawing it through the effect of a "Flower Cardian" monster. As several "Flower Cardian" monsters have high Levels, you can target any of them to easily Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. This card also helps in the gathering of Synchro Materials for the Synchro Summon of "Flower Cardian" Synchro Monsters, as they require 2 or more non-Tuner monsters. This card's Level is also not an issue in that regard, as the archetype's Tuner monsters treat the used Synchro Materials as Level 2.

Traditional Format

  • Combine with "Card of Safe Return" to draw a card each time "Level Eater" is Special Summoned.
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