• Using "Lekunga" to summon 4 "Lekunga Tokens" and then using "Token Feastevil" deals 1200 Damage to your opponent's Life Points. You can add "Ojama Trio" for the same purpose and deal a combined 3000 damage to your opponent's Life Points. Or even better, you can equip "United We Stand" to "Lekunga".
  • Between this card`s Tokens and the ability of "Copy Plant" to take on the Level of a Token or "Lekunga" (or neither), you can Synchro Summon for virtually any Level with ease.
  • Use "Natural Tune" on one of the Tokens to easily Synchro for Lv 4, 6, 8 or 10 Synchro Monsters.

Traditional Format

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