Traditional Format

  • This card also works well in a "Gishki" Deck:
    • Combine it with "Gishki Zielgigas" or "Evigishki Levianima", by placing a "Gishki" monster on the top of the Deck before activating their effects;
    • You can also dump a monster like "Gishki Abyss" or "Gishki Marker" and use "Gishki Beast" to Special Summon them and trigger their effects;
      • You can also use "Gishki Beast" to Summon this card easily.
    • If you have a "Gishki" Ritual Monster on the Graveyard and you need to add it to your hand, you can use this card to send "Gishki Aquamirror" and activate its effect.
  • Use this card's effect with "Laval Phlogis" to turn this card into a 2100 ATK beater.
    • This will also increase the ATK of any other face-up "Laval" monsters by 300.
  • Use this card's effect in an "Exodia" Deck to add two of the pieces to the hand faster.
  • Use this card with "Star Drawing". Activate the effect of this card to place 1 monster on top of your Deck, then Xyz Summon with "Star Drawing", allowing you to draw that monster.
    • In a "Utopia" Deck, you can use this strategy to add any "ZW" to your hand if you do not have access to "ZW - Leo Arms".
  • You can use this card in a "Gadget" Deck to send Tuner monster like "Glow-Up Bulb" to the Graveyard, allowing for Level 5 or 9 Synchro Summon plays.
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