Traditional Format

  • This card works well with "Absolute King Back Jack", which is capable of taking the opponent by surprise during their "special Battle Phase."
    • If your Deck also focuses on boosting your opponent's LP, you can use "Self-Destruct Button" with "Back Jack" in a pinch.
      • This card can be especially useful against strategies heavily reliant on the Extra Deck, as the majority of powerful monsters would tend to reside in the Extra Deck.
  • Depending on the monster one plans on choosing for this card's effect, using "Silent Graveyard" can be a good way of preventing the opponent from recovering from this card's effect.
  • If you chose a powerful Dragon with this card's effect, "Return of the Dragon Lords" can be banished from your Graveyard to protect it from destruction.
  • As long as you have WATER monsters in your Graveyard, you can revive "White Aura Dolphin" or "White Aura Whale" from your Graveyard by banishing a WATER monster from it. "White Aura Whale" is a better choice, however, due to its 2800 ATK.
  • Cards such as "Clashing Souls", "Cyber-Stein", "Pandemic Dragon", and "Wall of Revealing Light" serve as quick ways to meet this card's activation condition.
    • Because the "Solemn" cards are useful in general, they can also be used to help meet this card's activation condition.
    • "Gandora-X the Dragon of Demolition" halves your LP during each of your End Phases, which can come in handy if other cards can't be used.
    • This card can also be useful in a "Kozmo" Deck, since its lower-Level monsters pay LP to activate their effects (along with the LP-reducing effect of "Kozmotown").
    • In a Machine-Type Deck, the damaging effect of "Power Bond" can help to meet this card's LP requirement.
  • The ATK-gaining effect of "The Winged Dragon of Ra" both serves as an instantaneous way of meeting this card's activation condition and as a way of making it an ideal monster to choose for this card's effect (if it has high-enough ATK).

Enabling a win

  • This card is best used during the opponent's End Phase, so that they do not have a chance to conduct Normal/Special Summons after the battle or use Spell Speed 1 effects to Summon a monster to their field.
  • The effects of cards like "Gravity Collapse" and "Non Aggression Area" can help ensure the opponent cannot Normal or Special Summon at all (even after they 'lose' the battle), although they can still potentially Normal Set a monster.
  • "Inferno Tempest" is ideal to use before activating this card, as the opponent will have no monsters in their Deck left to Summon (although, depending on which phase it currently is, they can still potentially Normal/Special Summon a monster from their hand or from among their banished monsters).
  • Choosing a Level 3 "Graydle" monster is very ideal, as that monster (when destroyed by battle) will take control of the opposing monster, ensuring one still controls a monster while the opponent controls none.
    • However, "Graydle Eagle" is the best monster to choose, since it can also be equipped if the opposing monster destroys it with its effect.
  • "Number S39: Utopia the Lightning" is an ideal monster to choose (assuming it has 2 remaining Xyz Material attached to it, one of which is a "Utopia" Xyz Monster), since it can have 5000 ATK this way and prevent the opponent from activating any effects during the battle.
  • A "Bujin" monster that is aided by the presence of a "Bujingi Sinyou" in the Graveyard (as well as possibly "Bujingi Hare" and/or "Bujingi Turtle") can be a very powerful choice for this card's effect.
    • It is important to remember that those "Bujingi" monsters can even be on the field or hand when this card is activated, since this card's effect will send them to the Graveyard anyway.
  • "Fire Hand" is an excellent choice, as it will either 'win' the battle, or (if it 'loses' the battle) destroy the opposing monster anyway and replace itself with an "Ice Hand".

Avoiding a loss

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