• Use this card with "Future Visions"; when he is normal summoned he will be removed from play but you will still get his effect. It won't matter that he can't attack since he won't be on the field for that turn anyway, and your opponent will likely either have to set a monster or leave their field clear for a turn in which you get "Kuraz" back.
  • He can't attack right away anyway so use "Soul Exchange" to summon him and take out an enemy monster.
  • This card can work with cards that when destroyed allow the drawing of a card such as "Darksea Float", if used with 2 Darksea Floats you will essentially draw double the effect.
  • You can put this in a Mill Deck so the downside of Kuraz's effect (your opponent drawing cards) becomes a good thing.
  • You can destroy your own cards to draw from your deck.
  • Combo this monster's effect with "Cyber Valley" and "Machine Duplication" by Special Summoning him with "Reasoning". You destroy "Kuraz" and 1 "Cyber Valley" and and banish the 2 remaining "Cyber Valleys" so that you may draw 4 cards in only one turn. This shall compensate the non-attack effect of "Kuraz", making him an useful draw.
  • Since "Kuraz" doesn't require to be Tribute Summoned to activate his effect, use "Mausoleum of the Emperor" to Summon him by 1000 points to activate his effect.
    • He cannot attack at the turn he is Summoned, then use "Forbidden Chalice" after using his effect to get a 2800 ATK dash.
  • You can use this card in combination with "Appropriate" so that you can destroy two of your opponent's cards AND draw two cards in the process. You can also destroy 1 of your cards and 1 of your opponent's to draw 3 cards total.
  • Combo this card with "Supply Squad" to go beyond the 2 cards you could draw with "Kuraz's" effect.
  • You can also use this card with "Greed" and inflict 1000 points of damage every time you summon him.
  • Use this card as a tribute for "Yubel" and then revive it using "The Creator", in order to reuse it's effect. Or, you can destroy "Yubel" using this card to quickly summon her next form.
  • Combo this with "Vortex Trooper", summon it to use it's effect, then summon Kuraz and destroy your "Vortex Trooper" to draw a total of 4 cards, 3 from "Vortex Trooper" and 1 from "Kuraz's" effect.
  • Destroy your face-down "Sand Moth" to draw 1 card and have a 2000 ATK monster (from "Sand Moth's" effect).
  • In the case you play an Inca Deck, you can obviously use this card to destroy a "Moon Dragon Quilla" and a "Limit Reverse" (useless after you Synchro Summoned with the revived monster) in order to create Card Advantage, by drawing two cards and bringing from your Graveyard a "Sun Dragon Inti". This combo is very easy to set, because you have many possibilities to bring the two Dragons, often using a "Supay", a "Fire Ant Ascator" or a "Oracle of the Sun" which are in your Graveyard.
  • This card works great in a Gemini Deck. When summoned, you can destroy a number of cards on your own field that would be really beneficial to you and not set you back at all. Destroy "Supervise" with his effect, you get to draw 1 card AND get a special summon out of it. Use his effect to destroy "Big Bang Shot" that is equipped to your opponent's monster to rid yourself of a problematic monster AND draw a card. Also, try using this effect w/ Gemini Booster. That will let you draw a card and Gemini summon a monster.
  • This card works great with "Soul Exchange". You can easily summon it, remove up to 3 cards of your opponents cards from the field, and because both cards can't let you attack the turn they are activated/summoned "Soul Exchange's" back effect isn't that much of a problem.
  • This card combos well with "Turret Warrior". You can Tribute Summon Kuraz, activate its effect to rid your opponent's field of 2 cards, and then Tribute it to Special Summon "Turret Warrior" from your hand for a 3600-ATK beatstick that has a clearer field to attack in the same turn.
  • Use "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon this card and use its effect to target itself and the "Call of the Haunted" that summoned it to destroy them both and draw two cards. This essentially lets you turn "Call of the Haunted" into a "Draw 2 cards" card if you have this card in your Graveyard. (Note that you cannot chain "Call of the Haunted" to anything to do this, as you'll miss the timing of this card's effect.)
  • For "Noble Knight" you can use this card to target any "Noble Arms" [except Noble Arms-Excaliburn since it can't come back to the field] up to 2 card and draw up to 2 cards without lose anything since noble arms can come back to your field [and can reactivate again].

Traditional Format

  • You can destroy a "Sangan" on your side of the field to draw a card and get a monster.
  • With "Il Blud" and "Zombie World", you can revive this card once per turn with no cost, destroy it with its own effect to draw a card, and start over on your next turn. You would draw an extra card each turn if you put one "Card of Safe Return" in the combo.
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