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  • Use an appropriate Spell Speed 2 effect to Special Summon this card at the end of your opponent's turn. In particular, you can chain "Call of the Haunted" or "Escape from the Dark Dimension" to the effect that would destroy them, in order to revive the aforementioned "Forerunner" or "Dark Destroyer" whose effects would be able to summon this card directly from the Deck.


  • Level 5 or lower "Kozmo" monsters:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Kozmo Delta ShuttleKozmo-デルタシャトルEffect MonsterDARKMachine520002000
Kozmo FarmgirlKozmo-ドロッセルEffect MonsterLIGHTPsychic315001000
Kozmo GoodwitchKozmo-グリンドルEffect MonsterLIGHTPsychic418001000
Kozmo Scaredy LionKozmo-パーヴィッドEffect MonsterLIGHTPsychic21200500
Kozmo SlipriderKozmo-スリップライダーEffect MonsterLIGHTMachine52300800
Kozmo SoartroopersKozmo-シーミウズEffect MonsterDARKPsychic310001000
Kozmo StrawmanKozmo-フォルミートEffect MonsterLIGHTPsychic25001800
Kozmo TincanKozmo-フェルブランEffect MonsterLIGHTPsychic100
Kozmoll Dark LadyKozmo-ダーク・エルファイバーEffect MonsterDARKPsychic522001800
Kozmoll WickedwitchKozmo-ダーク・ローズEffect MonsterDARKPsychic41900300