• This card combos well with "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon". This allows you to make a second Special Summon and put you in control of three or more Dragon-type monsters in one turn.
    • Combine this card with "Queen Dragun Djinn" for more effectiveness. While this card Summon monsters from your hand, Queen can Summon monsters from your Graveyard, basically this combo has the almost same coverage that Red-Eyes are also capable of, making them near-perfect combination.
    • Disaster Dragon decks can utilize this combination into its fullest, especially since Red-Eyes' Limitation.
  • "DNA Surgery" would work well with this card, giving all of your monsters protection from your opponent's card effects whether or not they were originally Dragon-types and turning your opponent's monsters into Dragons, preventing your opponent from using effects that would target their own monsters as well as your own, such as Equip Spell Cards and certain monster effects like "Cybernetic Magician". This is especially deadly against Decks that rely on the Equipping mechanic like "Cyberdarks" or "Inzektors".
    • However, this can backfire if your opponent controls "Dark Paladin".
    • This Lockdown also works well against "Rokket" Decks, since their respective monsters must be targeted by a Link Monster's effect to utilize their effects.
  • Equipping this card with "Metalsilver Armor" forces your opponent to target this monster for ANY effect that must target, even their own Equip Spells. However, because of this card's effect, it cannot be targeted, locking your opponent from using any Spell, Trap, or Monster Effect that targets and quickly filling their hand with now-useless cards, such as "Tribute to the Doomed" and "Monster Reborn" (as "Metalsilver Armor" also redirects targeting in the Graveyard).

Traditional Format

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