• This card's first effect is particularly useful due to the fact that 2400 is an extremely common ATK value for many widely-used cards. Therefore, this monster has a slight edge over cards such as "Monarchs", "Jinzo", "Ryu Kokki", etc.
  • Use caution with "Kaiser Glider", as its second effect will require you to return one of your own monsters to your hand if your opponent has none on the field.
  • You can kamikaze "Kaiser Glider" into a stronger monster, thus triggering its effect. You can then chain to that effect with "Rope of Life", thus resulting in a "Kaiser Glider" with 3200 attack points. Then you can attack with "Kaiser Glider" again. This works best if your opponent only had one monster out and if you don't have much of a hand (set as many cards as possible first).
    • If you're playing a Yubel Deck, you can also use the above strategy to return "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" to your hand, thus summoning its next form, "Ultimate Nightmare". You can accomplish this by either kamikaze "Kaiser Glider" on an opposing monster, or simply wait until your end phase when "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" will destroy every monster except himself, including "Kaiser Glider", and thus triggering its effect.
  • Combine this monster with "Burden of the Mighty" to turn your opponent's strong monster ATK 2400 or less, so that they may be destroyed by it.
  • Combine with "Destruct Potion" as a last resort if "Kaiser Glider" would be sent to the Graveyard instead of destroyed.
  • This card's effect can be used against "Crush Card Virus" even while it's in your hand or deck since the effect of "Crush Card Virus" destroys cards on the field, in the hand, and when the opponent draws a card with 1500 ATK or more.

Traditional Format

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