• Two or even three copies of this card can work together at the same time on the field seeing as their effects negate all Summons except "Slime Tokens".
  • Summon "Cybernetic Magician" before activating this card and use the effect of "Magician" to turn Tokens into a 2000 point attackers.
    • You can combine "Cybernetic Magician" with "Wetlands" to get a 3200 ATK beatstick.
  • Also try Summoning "Star Boy" before activating "Jam Breeding Machine" along with "Wetlands" so your "Slimes" can have 2200 ATK per Summon. Use this combo along with "Aqua Chorus" to have 2700 ATK per Summon.
  • You can use this card in conjunction with "Hydra Viper" to continuously generate a fodder every standby phase, allowing "Hydra Viper" to attack at least three times each turn.
  • You can use this card in unison with "Cannon Soldier" to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points every turn.
  • If you're using this card to stall, you can improve it with a combination of "Stumbling" to put the Tokens in Defense Position and "The Dark Door".
  • Setting monsters is not restricted by this card, so if you want to work around the Normal Summoning restrictions (perhaps also Tributing some of your "Slime Tokens"), you can use a set "Book of Taiyou" combo to get a monster in Attack Position right away.
  • Decks can be based around building up "Slime Tokens". It requires a lot of Spell and Trap support, but they can become very powerful very rapidly. "Token Stampede" and "Wetlands" are key cards to run it this way. If you are lucky enough to get out "Wetlands" and three copies of "Token Stampede", your "Slime Tokens" will be at 4700. "Skill Drain" can also be very useful, because the "Slime Tokens" have no effect, so there is no downside to using it. Another bonus is that opponents can use Spells and Traps to destroy them all they want - another one will just spawn next turn. "Heavy Storm" will wipe this deck out though, so have something to protect your Spell and Trap Cards.
  • Use "Tour of Doom" with this card. It bets the ability to Normal or Flip Summon, and you can't do that anyway.
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