• This card can be searched by "Dark Sage", "Ancient Gear Drill" and "Alchemic Magician".
  • You can activate 3 copies of "Jackpot 7" when your opponent controls a Light and Darkness Dragon to instantly have all three sent to the Graveyard by an opponent's card effect.
  • If this is the last card in your opponent's deck, and they use it's effect to keep themselves from Decking Out as a stall tactic, you can activate "Dark Bribe" on it; because the speed of a Counter Trap Card is faster than "Jackpot 7", "Dark Bribe" will continue the remainder of it's effect, and not allow "Jackpot 7" to enter the chain, forcing your opponent to draw a card before "Jackpot 7" activates in the Graveyard, resulting in a Deck Out.
  • If you Set this card and it is later destroyed, this may make your opponent reluctant to destroy your Set Spell/Trap Cards later in the Duel.
  • Give control of "Dark Scorpion Burglars" to your opponent via a card such as "Shien's Spy", "Mystic Box" or "Creature Swap", then attack it multiple times with low-ATK monsters. Doing so will activate the effect of "Burglars", sending all 3 copies from your Deck to the Graveyard and winning you the Duel.
    • If you have any copies of this card in your hand before performing the combo, you can always activate them to shuffle them back into the Deck.
    • Tokens are best suited for attacking "Burglars", but if "Burglars" is in Attack Position, use cards like "Wattdragonfly", "Troop Dragon" or "Stygian Security" that can Special Summon another monster from the Deck when they're destroyed.
    • Alternatively, you can summon "Summoner Monk" and use his effect to special summon "Dark Scorpion Burglars". Next you can play "Double Summon" to Normal Summon a weak low-ATK monster that can special summon another weak monster from the Deck when they're destroyed. Then give "Dark Scorpion Burglars" to your opponent and attack into him.

Traditional Format/OCG

  • With this card in your hand, give control of a face-down "Morphing Jar" to your opponent through a card like "Creature Swap". When it is flipped, the effect of this card will trigger. If you manage to gather all 3 copies of this card to your hand before pulling this off, you will win the Duel.
  • In a Deck with extremely few monsters, give control of a face-down "Morphing Jar #2" to your opponent. When it is flipped while you control at least one monster, its effect will very likely send almost your entire Deck to the Graveyard, including 3 copies of this card, allowing you to win the Duel.

As a counter against certain Decks

  • Use against an "Artifact" Deck as most run "Malevolent Catastrophe" to get off their own effects. At that time, any copies of this card you may have Set will trigger; if you have 3 of them, then you win the Duel.
  • Use against a "Vampire" Deck, as their effects send cards from the opponent's Deck to the Graveyard.
    • Specifically, send a copy of this card when your opponent declares Spell Cards for their monsters' effects. This will discourage your opponent from declaring Spells later in the Duel, which is useful as many "Vampire" Decks are weak against strong Spell Cards like "Dark Hole".
  • This card is useful against "Evigishki Tetrogre" as the opponent often use "Gishki Aquamirror" to bypass the cost of sending spell card to graveyard by returning it to deck and recycle their ritual monster.
  • This card can be used to devastating effect against a player that uses "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys."
    • Use a destruction card like "Dark Hole" to destroy Nephthys and trigger its effect, then Set as many copies of this card as you can, forcing your opponent to destroy them during their own Standby Phase.
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