• The best way to maximize this card's effects is to take advantage of the low ATK worn by most "Cyber Angel" Ritual monsters. Attack into your opponent's high ATK monsters; your "Cyber Angel" cannot be destroyed by that battle, then you can Tribute your attacking monster to Ritual Summon a "Cyber Angel" from your hand.
    • "Cyber Angel Idaten" is best-suited for this, as the "Cyber Angel" you Summon will be boosted by Idaten's +1000 ATK grant and still be able to launch an attack
    • "Cyber Angel Vrash" is the best to drop, as it's Ritual Summon trigger effect will wipe out your opponent's monster(s), inflict (x)1000 damage, and be able to attack twice with 4000 ATK for a potential OTK.
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