• This card is tailor made to work in conjunction with "Cold Enchanter".
  • This card can easily be summoned in a Frog Deck.
  • This card can be easily Summoned in one turn simply by Normal Summoning "Deep Sea Diva" and using "Deep Sea Diva's" effects to Special Summon another WATER Attribute Sea-Serpent type monster from the deck, then you can Special Summon "Ice Master" from your hand, this strategy is also very effective in many situation when trying to destroy a monster, as long as your opponent cannot negate "Ice Master's" effect or be immune to its effect.
  • "Ice Master's" second effect is almost impossible to stop unless you prevent the controller of the card from activating the effect in the first place.
  • Even if you manage to get "Ice Master's" level down to 6 or lower, you MUST still tribute 2 WATER monster's if you wish to special summon her.

Traditional Format

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