• With "DNA Transplant", you make any monster you control get this monster's effect to win a single battle with a stronger monster.
  • Another worthwhile note of "Athena" is that you can Summon a Fairy-Type for 600 direct damage, use the effect of "Athena" to send that Fairy to the grave to Summon "Honest" for another 600 damage, and then return that "Honest" to hand for use later, or to attack for 2600 or more if the opponent controls an Attack Position monster and you are confident the attack will succeed, for 4000+ Life Points in one turn.
  • Setting this card can be a good bluff. Its high DEF means it will be difficult to destroy through battle, and if the opponent attacks and doesn't destroy it that turn, simply return it to your hand when it's your turn.
  • If your opponent is using "Five-Headed Dragon", any LIGHT monster will be able to destroy it when you use the effect of "Honest".
  • A way you can recycle this card again and again, is to combo this card with "The Creator". When your opponent attacks, just use the effect of "Honest" until it comes to your turn, then use the effect of "The Creator" to bring it back on the field, then use the effect of "Honest" to bring it to your hand, and then you can continue to loop this process which will virtually create a "The Creator" that can not be destroyed by battle.
  • In a deck based around "Archlord Kristya", this card can be retrieved with the the effect of "Kristya", making your "Kristya" even more difficult to get rid of.
  • You cannot respond to your opponent's "Honest" with cards like "Rush Recklessly" because "Honest" increases the LIGHT monster's ATK by the ATK of your monster when the effect of "Honest" resolves. It will automatically match your 700 ATK increase with a 700 ATK increase of its own, rendering your "Rush Recklessly" useless.
    • The same can be said about your opponent using "Honest" against your "Honest".
  • Never use this card when being attacked by an opponent's "Clear Vice Dragon" because the effect of "Clear Vice Dragon" will recalculate its ATK, even after "Honest" is used, resulting in the ATK of "Clear Vice Dragon" becoming six times the ATK of your monster.
  • Equip "Armed Changer" to a LIGHT monster and you can use the effect of "Honest" again and again!
    • Alternatively, keep recycling it back in your hand using "Drill Warrior".
  • A very deadly combo is to use "Honest" while you have a high ATK Light Attribute Machine-Type monster on your field, and then immediately combo it with "Limiter Removal" for massive damage, and even a possible OTK.

Against This Card

  • "Mind Crush" can be a more reliable alternative. When your opponent attacks your monsters with a weaker LIGHT Monster, it can be assumed that they have "Honest" in their hand. Using "Mind Crush" before the Damage Step prevents the opponent from using their "Honest" by sending any copies of it in their hand to the Graveyard. As an added bonus, their weaker monster is also destroyed in battle. This method can eliminate all copies of "Honest" in the opponent's hand, leaving their weaker monsters defenseless unless they draw another copy.

Traditional Format

  • With "Athena" and "Ultimate Offering", you can use this card's effect to return to the hand during the Main Phase and continuously Summon it again, dealing Damage for a slightly effective OTK. Bear in mind, you can't be at a noticeable Life Point disadvantage to do this. If you run "Spring of Rebirth", your Life Points will stay the same while your opponent's go down.
    • If you do run "Spring of Rebirth", an alternative to "Athena" is "Fire Princess".
  • If you run two "Spring of Rebirths", "Ultimate Offering", "The Sanctuary in the Sky" and "The Agent of Judgment - Saturn" you can pull off a deadly combo. Continually summon "Honest" using "Ultimate Offering" to increase the disparity between you and your opponent's Life Points until the disparity is great enough to use the effect of "Saturn" for the OTK game.
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