• Using Hieratic Dragon of Eset with one of the other Monsters in the Hieratic archetype makes the Xyz summoning of this (Along with many other Xyz monsters, such as Hieratic Dragon King of Atum) far easier. With Eset on the field, all you need to do is activate the effect of a Hieratic which brings out a Dragon-type Normal monster then use the effect of Eset, which changes the level of all Hieratics on the field to equal your Dragon-type Normal monster.
  • Use this card's effect to tribute as many dragons as you can, then play "Super Rejuvenation".
  • To get the maximum draw power from this card in a "Hieratic" deck, use the normal dragons summoned by tributed "Hieratic" monsters for cards like "White Elephant's Gift" and "Advance Draw", the former of which would also accumulate further to the effect of "Super Rejuvenation".
  • Use this card with "Xyz Burst" so that you don't need as many tributes to clear the field.
  • This card could also work nicely in a Galaxy deck.
  • Use this card effect to clear the opponent field by tributing dragons. Then if you have 5 dragons in your grave, use "Dragon's Mirror" to summon "Five Headed Dragon" to OTK your opponent.
  • The "Gagaga duo" can summon this card easily if both are on the field.
  • Another way to Summon this monster is to use two Level 8 Synchro Monsters via two "Eccentric Boys" and two Level 5 monsters in your hand .
  • Use this card's effect to tribute all of your "Hieratic" monsters, preferably the ones in your hand. Then you can swarm the field with normal dragons while clearing your opponent's field. If you chose to summon dragons of equal levels, you can pull out even more Xyz monsters for a possible OTK.
  • You can use "Tannhauser Gate" in order to quickly Xyz summon this monster. A good monster to use for this is "Batteryman AAA", as it can summon an additional copy of itself from the graveyard and it has 0 ATK, making it perfect for Tannhauser Gate.
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