• If you control "M-X-Saber Invoker" (or have means to Xyz Summon it), Normal Summon "Goblindbergh" and Special Summon a Level 4 Warrior monster ("Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword", more preferably) from your hand, activate the effect of "M-X-Saber" and Special Summon another "Extra Sword" from the Deck. Then, Xyz Summon this card, with a up to 2000 ATK boost.
  • This card is extremely useful against various common destructive Trap Cards like "Mirror Force" and "Bottomless Trap Hole", as well as Traps that can either revive a monster, such as "Call of the Haunted". Plus the 500 ATK boost per activation helps in creating control on the field.


  • Level 4 Warrior monsters that can be used as Xyz Material:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
Absolute Crusaderレアル・クルセイダーEffect MonsterEARTH18001200
Air Armor Ninja機甲忍者エアーEffect MonsterWIND14001400
Altitude Knight虚空の騎士Effect MonsterWIND14001200
Amazoness Archerアマゾネスの射手Effect MonsterEARTH14001000
Amazoness Chain Masterアマゾネスの鎖使いEffect MonsterEARTH15001300
Amazoness Fighterアマゾネスの格闘戦士Effect MonsterEARTH15001300
Amazoness Paladinアマゾネスの聖戦士Effect MonsterEARTH1700300
Amazoness Sageアマゾネスの賢者Effect MonsterEARTH1400700
Amazoness Swords Womanアマゾネスの剣士Effect MonsterEARTH15001600
Amazoness Traineeアマゾネス訓練生Effect MonsterEARTH15001300
... further results (297 more)
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