• Use the effect of this card after activating "Foolish Burial", to summon a powerful monster that is "lost" in your deck.
  • Use this card to retrieve powerful monsters such as "Dark Armed Dragon", "The Dark Creator", "Light and Darkness Dragon", "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" or "Judgment Dragon".
    • Specifically with "Light and Darkness Dragon", you can perform a small lock using "Treeborn Frog". When "Light and Darkness Dragon" is destroyed, Special Summon this card with its effect. Since your field would be clear, Special Summon "Treeborn Frog" in your next Standby Phase, then use this card's effect to retrieve the Dragon. Tribute both monsters to Tribute Summon "Light and Darkness", allowing you to perform the same combo over and over again, provided that this card survives your opponent's turn each time. Having 1800 ATK and being Summoned after a situation where "Light and Darkness Dragon" has been face-up on the field, it's unlikely that your opponent would defeat this card easily.
      • You can use cards like "Honest" or "Hedge Guard" to ensure this card can survive your opponent's turn.
  • Use this card with 2 "Zeta Reticulants" so that you can summon them easily as long as you have Eva Tokens.
  • This card is useful in decks which revolve around Sacred Beasts, Egyptian Gods, Wicked Gods, Malefics or Lightsworns.
  • If you only have one card in your hand, this card on the field, and still have your Normal Summon for the turn, use this card's effect to discard your last card, retrieve "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight" from your Graveyard, and immediately summon it via its effect, giving you an instant 2300 point beatstick.
  • Use this card to recover an "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" that was sent to your Graveyard (such as being discarded, detached from an Xyz Monster, etc) to your hand to Pendulum Summon later, since it's harder to recover while in the Graveyard.
  • You can create a revival loop using this card, "Arkbrave Dragon", and "Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords"; by discarding "Ruins" to retrieve "Arkbrave", then use the effect of "Ruins" to return itself to your hand while putting "Arkbrave" in the Graveyard. During the next Standby Phase, the effect of "Arkbrave" will activate and Special Summoning a monster, and you can repeat this loop during your next following turns.

Traditional Format

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