• "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" can help you to easily fulfill the field with "Harpies", but you can't activate this card that turn because you Special Summoned a monster from the deck.
  • This is a useful counter against swarm decks, such as "Blackwings" and "Six Samurai", as they can load up their field to maximum easily. All you need is at least five "Harpies" in your Graveyard (cards like "Harpie Channeler", "Harpie Queen", etc, are treated as "Harpie Ladies" in the Graveyard), activate "Hysteric Party" to summon all five of them, then activate this card for a near board-wipe of your opponent's field plus Burn Damage (especially if one of their aces was on the field). The drawback will not matter much as this will leave your opponent scrambling to recover.
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